Monday, September 13, 2021

Practice schedule

May all we learn and practice be of benefit to the Earth and all beings
May all awaken to the most powerful force: Love and Compassion


online/in person schedules 2021
now Booking private and small group privates for September/October
classes scheduled weekly check back for additions, workshops or cancelations! 

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 Hatha Yoga, Meridian Yoga Technique, Movement for healing, Dance, private lessons by appointment 
call or email Donna to schedule - online or in person available.


Hatha flow blend

a blend of classic Yogic methods

ongoingSUNDAY Yoga  11:00am  NOT MEETING 9/18 see you 9/26 

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meeting on zoom 

contact donna for private in person sessions.

Meridian Yoga Technique.
50$ sign up through Workshops at Embra Cincinnati 

 In this workshop
You will learn to practice and use tools to bring harmony to all health systems - Physical, Mental and Emotional.
Utilizing a blend of classical Yoga teachings and Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupressure techniques. 
September 25th, 2021 11am-2pm Cincinnati Studio
Embra Members receive 10% off
What is Meridian Yoga Technique (MYT)?
In modern times, much of our physical pain comes from problems in the mind and emotions.
The ancient philosophies like Yoga and Chinese medicine are sophisticated systems that offer maps of the body, mind and soul, a different kind of anatomy that acknowledges the physical as well as the emotional.
Even in modern culture, the heart is known not only as an organ that pumps the blood, but also as the source of love and compassion, connection to divine and other.
The techniques of these two systems were designed as both physical medicine and tools for spiritual development. MYT is a modern synthesis of these two ancient systems. MYT techniques work in the same way that Yoga asana works - relying on the connection between the physical, emotional and spiritual. Like Yoga asana, MYT uses physical methods to Ease the flow of energy through the subtle channels and release muscle tension, joint pain, headaches, digestive issues, anxiety, depression, etc.. Meridian Yoga Technique is a healing modality that can be applied to self or others. This system is based on the 8-limbed Yogic principles and informed by the traditional Chinese Medicine meridian system of points and pathways. MYT techniques can be used within Yoga classes. It is our belief that in serving others, we can heal ourselves also.- Rose Erin Vaughan creator

Science of Self MYT method ( I am a certified Meridian Yoga Therapy practitioner) 

Meridian Yoga Therapy   one one one -by appt. contact Donna to schedule!

Practice and learn fun accessible self healing techniques. simple, effective Yoga asana blended with TCM acupressure points. 

balance your relationship to the body-mind-emotions  and deepen your ability to relate to pain, whether emotional, physical or mental,  in a functional healing way. Based on the Science of Self MYT method ( I am a certified Meridian Yoga Therapy practitioner) 


Hot Yoga in studio 

 4pm at Embra Cincy Hot90 - Donna teaching 26x2 (traditional Bikram hot yoga) at Embra ( formerly Modo) Yoga in  This is a 90minute practice and will be in person 


NEW for September Dance! - Fall - Movement Improvisaton

Mondays  7:15 - 8:15pm 

at Mutual Dance in College Hill 

Mutual Dance Theatre and Arts Center College Hill

At the College Hill Town Hall, formerly Contemporary Dance Theater

1805 Larch Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45224

No Dance experience necessary Come move, explore and breathe! 

Movement Improvisation with Donna

A guided exploration of movement as expression, as healing, as liberation, as community, as ritual, as creation, as expression, as fun!

Motion as it relates from external to internal, above to below, as a cycle, as a pulse, as stillness. Donna's personal movement practice utilizes a hybrid of forms such as chi/energy cultivation, meridian science, the Science of Yoga , sound, voice as well as modern contemporary and classical dance. These forms may be drawn upon to encourage class participants' deep awareness and understanding of the mental, emotional and physical body to help facilitate flow state, raise consciousness and increase vitality and wellbeing.

This practice is for all, no formal dance training necessary- there will be much room for each individual to safely explore and be supported to embody their own unique movement voice - class is designed to be sourced in the moment by those who attend. 

Modern Dance

hybrid of forms such as chi/energy cultivation, somatics, improvisational explorations as well as modern contemporary technique work. Principles of falling, flying, inversion. floor and center work will encourage deep awareness and understanding of the body.  Exploring volume and weight inside the body and its relationship to the floor, bringing awakening to the feet, spine, and pelvic floor, encouraging  the feeling of release in the limbs, and articulate falling and suspending off-center. We will explore sensation, instinct, and the inherent musical phrasing inside the body. This class will use imagery and metaphors to help dancers find new ways to cultivate movement, awareness as well as release unconscious holding patterns. It elaborates on fundamental principles of dance, including suspension, alignment, economy and efficiency, sustainable breath and energy, spontaneity, suppleness, balance, grounding, and dynamic stillness. We will learn phrases that move in and out of the floor and carry us in and out of balance. Relationship within the dynamics of sound, space and each other. 

Donna's zoom yoga classes are by donation 

Payments can be made through venmo or paypal or by check 

 Love All Ways

I am happy to share in and honor the traditions of healing movement, traditional Hatha Raja Yoga, Breathwork Qi-energy cultivation and TCM meridian sciences. These practices are a gift to be utilized and shared widely and with deep respect. 

I am currently booking one on one Meridian Yoga Therapy sessions, and private yoga or movement sessions which are  done on zoom. Learn simple and profound techniques for self care and healing.
email Donna if interested in learning more
These are also free/donation based. 


in person Private Yoga sessions are:
$100 per hour plus studio rental fee or travel time if applicable.
Online privates available and cost negotiable based on need.

sGroup  class: 

We practice asana pranayama, meditation and kriya techniques, Honing our gifts of focus and where we place attention.   Merging breath and movement with strong alignment (form) to create maximum function of asana, ease, stillness and strength in a balancing flow for all systems of the body. Beyond form and function lies meaning/intention and we are called back again and again to investigate and come to know the self. All levels of practice will be honored and postures can be modified to create stability and generate healing benefits regardless of the degree of "depth" one chooses to explore in each pose. Please for Yoga practices do not eat a large meal within 3 hours of class time. You will be challenged and supported in this study of mergingmind/body/spirit= science of self. These practices can be a wonderful foundation to start a lifetime of daily practice - and tools for health, happiness and - liberation. - moksha - the goal of all Yoga

In teaching, I often blend technologies and systems and apply them to serve the specific needs of the group. I have trained in Ashtanga vinyasa ( primary and second series, "rocket" vinyasa) as well as in the postural systems Ghosh lineage (Bikram method/ 26x2 and intermediate/advanced)   I am greatly influenced by the Hatha vinyasa teachings of Sri Dharma Mittra and other Integral Yoga methods of Hatha Yoga .   I incorporate Qi and Acupressure/ Meridian science. I am a practitioner of Meridian/acupressure Yoga therapy and completed a Level 1 training in 2020 with Science of Self/Rose Erin Vaughan.  My primary and current teacher in Yoga Darshana is Prasad Rangnekar and I am a Student and practitioner of Meditation and Tibetan Buddhism. I wish to share what I practice as I have found methods that work, they are rooted in Lineage and have been passed down to our great fortune to my teachers their teachers and to you. There is so much suffering that can be avoided by leading a life established in Yoga.  As my student, in typical group practice,  You will learn how to utilize bandhas - muscle contractions to direct energy flow,  pranayama - techniques to regulate breath and dristi - gaze/focus/concentration/intention. You will learn about the enegetic and emotional and subtle bodymind
ultimately a state of  Samahdi- meditation/union with the True Self. 
self realization

all levels and bodies welcome  

Invest in your well being. Support your community

I encourage you to develop a steady personal practice. 
Yoga is a Moksha Shastra ( liberation science)

I am also available to guide children of all ages in meditation, yoga, dance and other creative arts classes!for questions or to book a private session or event please contact Donna 513 252 1141 or


 Prasad Rangnekar

Sri Louise

Kathleen Hermesdorf

Lama Marut
Cindy Lee

Yoga is a path of Self study and Self Knowledge. What we learn through dedicated, consistent practice can be immediately applied and integrated into all of our relationships and actions.
It is a path that leads to "healing the estrangement between the self and everything else"- Sri Louise

I have been guiding yoga classes professionally since 2004 and have over 25 years of movement/dance /mind body breath training and experience. 

I specialize in finding a regenerative, safe and challenging practice for all to participate and flourish within a group atmosphere. As well, I am available for private lessons. I love to help students develop daily home practice, movement  and meditation techniques and forms to heal nourish and balance body and mind.
.  I am thankful to ALL my teachers. 

Hatha Yoga prACTice is a discipline.  Entering ones life can be a daily struggle. Rituals help us find that entrance.Yoga can be a means to reconnect you to what is essential. I practice so to be more open, awake and available to my loves and the processes that make me feel alive and free which most often include dance, music, art, nature, family, my dog and cat and working with children.

 I believe relationship between student and teacher or guide is an essential component in learning/training. and dedicated practice. and love. always.A SpiRitual practice can be looked at as a ritual way of entering ones true self.

Our Collective is named after my beloved dog Bunny. See her story here

Monday, March 8, 2021

Class descriptions about Donna Jay / Inspiration

GlenPark Canyon, SanFrancisco 2005

children at Buen Dia School 2006

with Donna Jay
ॐ जय राम श्री राम
This class is designed to enable you to grow and cultivate your yoga practice in a way that is challenging, graceful and honest. Using the fundamentals of vinyasa with intelligent  asana sequencing, universal alignment principles and compassion, the practice becomes a weaving of breath, mindfulness, power, freedom, grace, love, devotion, humor and gratitude.
In this class I offer a creative, dynamic , often challenging yet always nurturing yoga flow in which emphasis is placed on quality of breath, realigning with trust to our compassionate wise and noble self, connecting authentically to the physical, mental, emotional, and intuitive bodies; the flow becomes a means to build physical strength balance and awareness thus leading to mental clarity, peace - Oneness. We practice to become clear and consistent enough to be aligned with our truth - to live with integrity as our thoughts words and what we do stand true with our hearts - with our dream. By warming and opening the body, a safe space is created in which to heal and uplift the spirit. I wish to offer space in which to move through mental or physical blocks, and encouragement toward moving within our unbounded creative intelligence, full potential and that which dwells within our hearts.
Class will begin with traditional sanskrit mantra or chanting, meditation and pranayama ( breathing technique). we will move safely through asana sequence often including : sun salutations, core work, standing poses, seated forward bends, balancing, twists, inversions, arm balancing, backbends and conclude with deep relaxation.
Classes will be of mixed levels so beginners and more seasoned practitioners can learn from each other.
modifications will be given as well as more advanced work for those who are ready.

about Donna Jay Rubin:

Donna Jay has been involved in a creative practice for as long as she can remember. Through her lifelong explorations and studies of dance, music, writing, theater and art, she was introduced early on to mind/body breathing techniques to strengthen and heal the physical body, build concentration and focus, transform mental afflictions and blockages, and to create open energetic state in which to allow creative gifts a path in which to flow.
She is ever grateful for the opportunity to share in the teachings of Yoga and feels blessed to be part of a community that serves to bring more joy and balance into the world. She received her first yoga certification through It's Yoga while living in San Francisco, where she has spent a total of 10 years dancing and playing amongst the diverse wealth of teachers in the vibrant bay area Dance and Yoga community. She began instructing Yoga in SF in 2004 and has continued to train, practice and teach wherever she goes. She also specializes in guiding children in creative movement, music and yoga practice .Donna is a graduate of UC CCM drama dept.

In 2008 she formed the 3 Legged Dog Yoga Collective, a community healing arts studio in Northside, named after Donna's beloved dog and teacher, Bunny!

She is delighted to help guide and empower students to grow and cultivate a Yoga practice in a way that is challenging yet always nurturing, graceful, honest, kind hearted and steady. Weaving of breath, generosity, mindfulness, joyful effort, meditation, fortitude, freedom, grace, devotion, gratitude and love
Donna is also a certified level 1Meridian Yoga Therapy practitioner through Science of Self /Rose Erin Vaughan

Traditional Hot Yoga - 26x2
Ghosh lineage 84 asanas
Ghosh flow  Open Levels Yoga~ Hatha vinyasa

Meridian Yoga Therapy


Beginners Yoga

Movement for Healing

Dance Improv

Childrens Yoga/ Movement and Meditation

Modern Dance 

Intermediate Yoga

Ballet Barre with stretching

Chi (Qi) Flow....
This class will guide you through Chi Gong* 'based' warm ups with some gentle basic yoga techniques and meditation. A great warming connective practice for anyone. gentle and energizing. Chi gong is a Chinese healing technique that connects the body and spirit by directing breath and movement internally through the body's chakras and meridians- energy channels. the movements are simple and the effects profound.
more about chi gong

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Now Open to serve the Northside community...

3leggedDog Yoga

Vinyasa ~ Bhakti ~ Meditation ~ Love ~ Compassion~ Wisdom

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

३ लेग्गेद दोग

Bunny loves happy puppy pose!

About 3Legged Dog .....

Bunny was my faithful companion of 13+ years. In 2007 she was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma( bone cancer) and underwent surgery to remove her front leg.
Her healing journey, her courageous heart, her unwavering spirit and her physical grace have been a constant inspiration and motivation for my yoga practice. I am continually learning from her ability to remain steady and experience the simple joys of being alive on this earth in the present moment as well as her non attachment to that which no longer serves.
Just a couple months before her 14th birthday and nearly 7 years as a tripod/cancer survivor Bunny was laid to rest in August of 2013, her body could no longer sustain her but her spirit continues to shine and uplift.