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Practice schedule


During the month of June and all donations/monetary contributions to classes will be donated to to local Cincinnati organizations who are working to uplift and support community , for example  and to other local and national social justice initiatives
 Thank you for your support.
please Stay healthy, strong, resilient and kind... the world needs you
I love you,
Stay Tuned for June updates to schedule the best way is to look at this blog, or check the facebook group
All classes are being offered online via Zoom until further notice. 
please check back for updates in offerings. Love All Ways
Please let me know if I can support you. These practices are a gift to be utilized and shared widely and with deep respect. 

Zoom ID 233 599 1312
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donations/support to:
Venmo @donnajay5

Online schedule April/May

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WEDNESDAY  Hatha  Yoga 6:30pm 75min

FRIDAY movement mix:) - movement for healing - meridians ,chi cultivation, breath work etc. 12:30pm 45-60min 

All classes are free/by what you can/are comfortable with.

( no one turned away for lack of funds)

Please at this time do not pay if you are experiencing loss or insecurity of income. Attend freely and share with anyone 
We will hold each other up and practice for the benefit of ALL.

 Book a private online session 

A private session can allow for more personalized attention and can be a wonderful way to develop a personal ( home) practice that serves your individual needs. 

In Studio rates for Drop in class $18/ $15 student 5 CLASS PASS $75

 Private sessions are:
$100 per hour plus studio rental fee or travel time if applicable

Donna's Other Practice offerings:
ALl studio offerings are cancelled until further notice.

Modern Dance with Donna
open levels 
Tuesday 6:15pm 
see CDT website for more info
Movement Improvisation with Donna
Monthly meet up next session:
 Saturday January 18th 1pm - 2:30
1805 Larch Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45224
(5 min drive from northside)

The class is open to all levels - I will guide chi cultivation techniques, somatic  exercises and improvisational exercises to allow us to open to our intuitive creative body.


We practice asana pranayama, meditation and kriya techniques primarily from the Ghosh and vinyasa systems. Merging breath and movement with strong alignment (form) to create maximum function of asana, ease, stillness and strength in a balancing flow for all systems of the body. Beyond form and function lies meaning/intention and we are called back again and again to investigate and come to know the self. All levels of practice will be honored and postures can be modified to create stability and generate benefits regardless of the degree of "depth" one chooses to explore in each pose. This is strong physical practice that moves energies dynamically. You will sweat, please come hydrated ( room temp at  79-90 this allows for a safe environment in which to explore deeply) You will be challenged and supported in this study of the mind/body/spirit = science of self. These practices can be a wonderful foundation to start a lifetime of daily practice - and tools for health, happiness and - liberation.

In this practice we will look at the beginner and intermediate series of the Ghosh system and incorporate many sun salutes and postures from the primary and second Ashtanga vinyasa  series. You will learn how to utilize bandhas - muscle contractions to direct energy flow,  pranayama - techniques to regulate breath and dristi - gaze/focus/concentration/intention.
ultimately a state of meditation/union with the divine
self realization

all levels and bodies welcome  

Invest in your well being. Support your community
These practices are designed to offer detailed attention to the individual in a small group setting.

I encourage you to develop a steady personal practice. 
Yoga is a Moksha Shastra ( liberation science)

no one turned away for lack of funds -  donna jay's northside classes may be attended on a donation/sliding scale basis 
Modern Dance 
open levels 
 Tuesday 6:15pm starting January 7
see CDT website for more info
Movement Improvisation Monthly meet up next session Saturday January 18th 1pm - 2:30
1805 Larch Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45224
(5 min drive from northside)

The class is open to all levels - I will guide chi cultivation techniques, somatic  exercises and improvisational exercises to allow us to open to our intuitive creative body.

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Cash or Check please or
$2 charge for Credit card or online payments


I am available for private or small group privates at 3leggedDog Yoga Collective's northside studio, your home or workplace please contact me for current rates. I am also available to guide children of all ages in meditation, yoga, dance and other creative arts classes!

for questions or to book a private session or event please contact 


513 252 1141 or

prACTicing the ART of spiritual healing and expression of the full spectrum of life.

I have been guiding yoga classes professionally since 2004 and have over 25 years of movement/dance /mind body breath training and experience. 

I specialize in finding a regenerative, safe and challenging practice for all to participate and flourish within a group atmosphere. As well, I am available for private lessons. I love to help students develop daily home practice, movement techniques and forms to heal nourish and balance body and mind.
.  I am thankful to ALL my teachers. 

Hatha Yoga prACTice is a discipline.  Entering ones life can be a daily struggle. Rituals help us find that entrance.Yoga can be a means to reconnect you to what is essential. I practice so to be more open, awake and available to my loves and the processes that make me feel alive and free which most often include dance, music, art, nature, family, my dog and cat and working with children.

 I believe relationship between student and teacher or guide is an essential component in learning/training. and dedicated practice. and love. always.A SpiRitual practice can be looked at as a ritual way of entering ones true self.


Our Collective is named after my beloved dog Bunny. See her story here

We have occupied 3 different spaces in the vibrant Northside community.

Our first space was located 2 doors down from The Comet. This video was made in dedication to our time spent there and the first four years of this Collective.

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